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AVEL Robotics has perfected the manufacture of carbon hydrofoils using Automated Fiber Placement (AFP), also known as automated lay-up. Our design office in Lorient is proud to present this breakthrough technology to the nautical world, following an intense two-year period of Research & Development.


In the aeronautics industry, this automated technique of composite lay-up is developing fast. The advantages are manyfold : improved positioning, speed of manufacture, replication, as well as perfect control of the finished part  therefore enhancing mechanical capability.


The ever-increasing demand for heightened performance in the field of ocean racing means that this innovative technique attracts both builders and manufacturers of hydrofoiling appendages.


AVEL Robotics aims are to develop this technique for the world of ocean racing whilst nevertheless remaining open to other markets. We chose to position our company in the renowned sailing base of Lorient, on the west coast of France, which allows us prime access to a selection of top French ocean racing projects.

During Nautic Start-up Day in December 2017, AVEL Robotics received the "Future Prize" for the development of its innovative technology in hydrofoil manufacture. In the northwest of France, this national initiative - established by the Ministry for Economy and Finance to highlight France as a Startup Nation and promote its technology abroad - is headed by French Tech Rennes St Malo.

AVEL Robotics is also the leader of the Foil Addict Project (Foil Additive Composite Technologies). This project is certified by the industrial cluster EMC2, which is dedicated to advancing manufacturing technologies, and is financed by Région Bretagne.

Absolute Composite becomes AVEL Robotics

Robotic manufacturing of high-performance carbon parts






Absolute Composite has changed its name to “AVEL Robotics”.

AVEL means “wind” in the Breton language and symbolizes the start-up’s emphasis on the sailing and aviation markets.

This brand change also marks the independence of AVEL Robotics in relation to the Absolute Dreamer racing team, now that it’s laying up robot is fully operational in its Lorient workshop.


AVEL Robotics’ natural environment is the wind

This innovative company’s primary market is sailing. AVEL Robotics began the manufacture of foils and rudders for the “Easy To Fly” foiling catamaran in 2017. It was a first in the boating industry and it led to the emergence of the company.

This has been achieved through a technological transfer from the world of aviation to boating.


AVEL flying high and independently

The robotic manufacture of composites began sprang from an idea we had at the Absolute Dreamer design office, Jean-Pierre DICK’s ocean-racing team.

AVEL Robotics is now an independent company, supported by its shareholder’s, from the Region of Brittany and managed by its chairman Luc Talbourdet.


AVEL Robotics

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