With our technology, we make new generation 4D composites accessible and we provide high-performance carbon parts

Luc Talbourdet, chairman of Avel Robotics


We automate the production

of high-performance composite parts for high-tech industries.

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Sailing and ocean racing

The staff at AVEL models and digitizes part designs with the aim of replicating them at the end of the production process.

Aeronautical industry

Our production method using AFP (Automated Fiber Placement) machines was developed for the aviation industry. AVEL can produce high-spec composite parts to ISO 9001 certification standard.

Naval industry

AVEL has adapted its production methods to the naval industry for its series parts, as natural offshoot of the boat industry.

Working with high-tech industries

Our industrial partners choose our parts for their superior quality compared with manually produced parts.

Ocean racing teams are constantly searching for solutions to improve the performance of their boats, which is why they chose AVEL Robotics to design their foils and rudders.


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