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AVEL Robotics opérateur robot Lorient composite 4D

Robotic Fiber Placement Model: Kuka C1 8 fibers * 6.35mm Maximum dimensions: 8m x 3m x 3m (LxWxH) Lay-up accuracy: +/- 0,2mm; 0.1° The work done by our robot has the following advantages: Better quality for the same weight The production strictly adheres to the part’s design. Robotic lay-up results in improved mechanical characteristics  Faster production […]


The vitality of the Sailing Valley

The submarine base in Lorient is a legacy of a very bloody Second World War. It has now been converted to form a vital part of the city’s economic and cultural life. The inhabitants of Lorient have taken possession of this 25-hectare concrete fortress, now referred to as Lorient La Base, and its brownfield sites […]


10 December 2020

Avel Robotics expanding in Lorient

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